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Call for Papers

Our call for papers is closed for the upcoming code.talks in Hamburg, but we would be happy to welcome you as a Speaker at the next one!

Call for Papers is open!

Would you like to share your story, your latest project or that revolutionary idea that everybody needs to know about?

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Feel free to speak up

Whether you are a Student, Junior, Senior Developer, CTO or building a startup - through separating all talks into various categories and levels everyone has the chance to shair their know-how. We are looking forward to your application.

Whats your topic

At code.talks we have various theme tracks to ensure that everyone finds what suits best at any time during two days of the conference. Please let us know your theme track and topic.

Time is of the essence

Each talk takes about 45 minutes. (30 mins talks, 15 mins Q&A.)
Please send us your application before the 26th of August.

Please be patient

Our team and curators will take some time to finalize decisions on applications, so please be patient. You will receive feedback whether it's a refusal or confirmation.

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Impressions of Talks from the Previous Years

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  • code.talks 2017
  • code.talks 2017
  • code.talks 2017

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